By: Dr. Doron Neri

Problems often begin with a build up plaque leading to tartar, infection and bad breath. Once the gums and bone around the teeth become infected, they can die at a rate of 2mm per year. Small dogs have small gums and so lose teeth more easily. If milk teeth fail to fall out by six months, they might need to be removed. We can also treat broken,infected and malpositioned teeth. Please ask for details.
Products are available to help care for your pet's teeth.

Dental Surgery
We recommend reqular check ups of teeth and mouth of all dogs , cats and other pets from their first visit to the surgery to old age. We have new equipment not only for scaling and polishing teeth but also for radiography, extractions and other forms of mouth and dental surgery.
While dental decay is unusual in our pets, build up of tartar on the teeth is common and can lead to serious health (and social!) problems. Some dental attention is required sooner or later in a high proportion of animals.