Spirocerca Lupi



Spirocerca Lupi


By: Dr. Doron Neri

Spirocerca Lupi is a worm that grows as long as 4-7 cm in length and sets up "housekeeping" in the dog's esophagus.
Dogs become infected by eating an intermediate host (dung beetle) or a transport host (chicken, reptiles, rodents).
The immature stage of the worm can tarvel through the gastrointetinal tract and into the lungs and the aorta. Common signs seen in a dog infected with spirocerca lupi are vomiting, hypersalivation, weight loss, lethargy and difficulty of breathing. Sudden death may occur.

Infected and symptomatic dogs often do not survive even with treatment.
The best treatment is prevention with a specific deworming medicine every 3 months.