Flea and tick control



Flea and tick control


By: Dr. Doron Neri

Most dogs at one time or another will get fleas. There are many ways to treat your dog against fleas and ticks.

We recommend:

1. High quality spray FRONTLINE is non toxic for dogs and cats. It is used once a month. The spray is environmentally friendly.
The spray is safe for use from the age of three days and on for both dogs and cats. The animal should be sprayed throughly all over avoiding contact with the eyes, mouth and nose. Frontline can be purchased in veterinary clinics and pharmacies.
Spraying is not always enough since fleas are not on the animal at all times. Environmental treatment (house and yard) is often necessary as well . The flea jumps on the pet only to feed, the rest of the time it is on the carpet/floor/furniture where it lays its eggs. For that reason it is recommended to spray not only the pet but also its surrounding.

2. The newest and safest flea prevention product is ADVANTAGE. It comes in the form of drops, which are applied on the back of the animal's neck once a month. 
It is safe to use on dogs and cats 8 weeks or older.
Advantage is 100% effective against fleas 48 hours after application- it does not kill ticks.

3. An excellent collar against ticks is available for dogs only!!!
It is called KILTIX and is effective up to 7 months.
It can be used safely on dogs of 4 months and older. 
not to be used on cats.

4. REVOLUTION - a new drug in a spot on form - excellent for ticks and fleas, mites and round worms for both dogs and cats.

For dogs, the best treatment is ADVANTAGE for fleas and a KILTIX collar for ticks.

For cats, ADVANTAGE is the best for fleas, and if they have ticks - FRONTLINE spray or drops