Dog Vaccinations



Dog Vaccinations


By: Dr. Doron Neri

The First step in taking care of your dog is ensuring his good health. If you vaccinate your dog as required, it's chances of contracting any infectious disease is slim. In addition, until your pet completes his intire vaccination regimen he is susceptible to canine diseases as well as parasites. It is enough if he come in contact with another dog's feces to make him ill. Therefore, it would be best if he remains at home or in the yard (with proper supervision) until he is fully vaccinated. A healthy pet helps ensure a healthy family.

Dogs are vaccinated against canine distemper, canine parvovirus,hepatitis,leptospirosis and parainfluenza and part of the kennel cough complex.

In the adult dog yearly vaccination is currently considered necessary to maintain immunity. Some kennels also require vaccination against Bordetella- another form of kennel cough. This vaccine is given up the dog's nose, and is valid for six months.


Puppy vaccine protocol:

6-8 weeks : against parvo virus
10 weeks : DHLPP 1 
12 weeks : DHLPP 2
3 month : RABIES
4 month : Live parvo viral vaccine and Spirocerca Lupi 
(Dangerous worm found here in Israel)
And for pure breeds another Parvo injection at the age of 5 months.
Annually Booster vaccines recommended.