Cat vaccinations



Cat vaccinations


By: Dr. Doron Neri

The First step in taking care of your cat is ensuring his good health. If you vaccinate your cat as required, its chances of contracting any infectious disease are slim. In addition, until your pet completes his intire vaccination regimen he is susceptible to feline diseases as well as parasites. It is enough if he came in contact with another cat's feces to make him ill. Therefore, it would be best if he remains at home or in the yard (with proper supervision) until he is fully vaccinated. A healthy pet helps ensure a healthy family.

Cats are vaccinated routinely against cat "flu" and enteritis; In addition, we recommend that you consider having your cat protected against rabies.
Annual boosters follow an initial course of two injection 
(three to four weeks apart).



9 weeks - 1st vaccine for "flu" (two types and enteritis)
12 weeks - 2nd vaccine for "flu"
13 weeks - kitten can socialize fully
Annually - Booster vaccine recommended.