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About Us

About Us

About Us

Dr. Doron Neri graduated from the university of Edinburgh ROYAL .DICK .VETERINARY .COLLEGE . in 1990, after working in one of the greater London's largest clinics, he returned to Israel in 1992 , where he opened the veterinary center in Ramamt Hasharon. Initially the clinic was comparatively small, however, over the years it developed gradually, becoming eventually the multifunctional, fully equiped veterinary center it is today.

 Dr. Egor Klimov and Dr. Nir Ohachna joined our Clinic recently

 Slowly (but surely) the clinic grew and became a veterinary center that boasts  seven assistants.

Throughout the years many clients have joined the veterinary center and today Ramat Hasharon Vet Center is considered the largest private vet center in Israel with more than sixteen thousand registered clients.

The veterinary center offers many services including surgery, laser surgery, medicine, specialty consulting and more.

The vet center provides many services including an x-ray machine, ultrasound, blood lab, endoscopy, operating rooms with anesthesia machines and more.

The vet center has undergone many changes till it got to its latest look. During spring 2007 the center underwent extensive remodeling with a total cost of $70,000.

We, at the veterinary center Ramat Hasharon, are commited to provide the best and most professional medicine combined with the highest quality service for our clients.

We would like to thank all our clients for your vote of confidence in us and invite new clients to come, visit us and join our center’s family.

Dr. Doron Neri and all the Ramat Hasharon Veterinary Center team.