Skin and Coat



Skin and Coat


By: Dr. Doron Neri

Skin and coat conditions represent possibly the largest part of our consultations. We will be happy to advise you regarding shampoos, conditioners, diets, and grooming aids.

Fleas are a constant source of trouble and we can advise you on the latest treatments for these ubiquitous pests. 
These include aerosol, spray, and  "spot-on" liquids for use on your pet, and a number of products for use around the house, to prevent flea infestation of the environment.

Fleas are one of the biggest causes of skin problem.
Skin problems can be recognized by any of the following:
scratching, reddened skin, wet areas, hair loss, scaling and skin odor. Advice should be sought as soon as possible.
To prevent some skin problems your pet should be regulary treated for fleas and groomed.

Head shaking and scratching of the ears are good indicators of an ear problem. Advice should be sought if this happens.