PennHip radiographs

At the Veterineri Center Ramat Hasharon, we offer hip radiographs using the PennHip method. Dr Gans is a certified Penn-Hip member and perform the procedure in our practice. The procedure is performed while the dog is under a short-acting anesthetic, and radiographs are taken in 3 different positions. An OFA hip radiograph can be produced at the same time. The procedure is intended primarily for large and giant breed dogs which are intended for breeding but are recommended for any dog at risk for suffering from Hip Dysplasia. The Penn-Hip method allows us to evaluate the hips of a puppy as early as 16 weeks of age and gives the breeder the ability to chose between different puppies for future breeding. This method also allows us to detect hip laxity (loosness) before and arthritis has developed. More information can be found at www.pennhip.org