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  • Dr. Doron Neri

    Dr. Doron Neri

    Dr. Neri graduated from The Royal (Dick) Veterinary College in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1990. Dr. Neri is a member of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (www.RCVS.o..

  • Dr. Michal Reich

    Dr. Michal Reich

    I graduated from the University of Tel-Aviv and mastered in the science of medicine. In the year 2000 I graduated from the Hebrew university, veterinary medicine. Durin..

  • Meira Cohen

    Meira Cohen

    Meira has joined our clinic in June 2014 as an assitent, after a short period of time, we saw her potantial of mangment and made her office manager.

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  • Hagar Spivak

    Hagar Spivak

    Hagar is our clinic manager, she started working at our clinic in 1998 as an assitent and 8 years later she bacame our manager. hagar is in charge of all the stuff. office  and computer pro..

  • Michal Livson

    Michal Livson

    Michal  found her calling in veterinary medicine 10 years ago when she started fostering neighborhood pets since she was a little girl. She is working at the Ramat..

  • Christin Slobidker

    Christin Slobidker

    Christin started working in our clinic recently, very fast we saw her love for pets , thats because Christin has a lovely feline bulldog which she found..

  • Maya Zaidner

    Maya Zaidner

    Maya Started working on our clinic on march 2017, after a long time of working in the artistic world, she has a fluffy 15 year old cat named: Gipsy,

  • Noa Laibman

    Noa Laibman

    Noa, is our youngest assistent among 8 workers, she ownes a dog and three cats, she likes volunteering in shelters at her free time, before she joined o..

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