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  • Dr. Doron Neri

    Dr. Doron Neri

    Dr. Neri graduated from The Royal (Dick) Veterinary College in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1990.
    Dr. Neri is a member of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (ww..

  • Dr. Nir Ohana

    Dr. Nir Ohana

    Dr Nir E. Ohana graduated veterinary medicine at Kort School of Veterinary Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2017, in between studies he worked at Pathovet LTD and discovered the..

  • Dr Egor Klimov

    Dr Egor Klimov

    Dr Egor Klimov has graduated veterinary medicine in Kosice Slovania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014.
    Dr. Klimov is volunteering in the shelter of  Ri..

  • Hagar Spivak

    Hagar Spivak

    Hagar is our clinic manager, she started working at our clinic in 1998 as an assitent and 8 years later she bacame our manager. hagar is in charge of all the stuff. office  and computer pro..

  • Michal Livson

    Michal Livson

    Michal  found her calling in veterinary medicine 10 years ago when she started fostering neighborhood pets since she was a little girl. She is working at the Ramat..

  • Christin Slobidker

    Christin Slobidker

    Christin started working in our clinic recently, very fast we saw her love for pets , thats because Christin has a lovely feline bulldog which she found..

  • Maya Zaidner

    Maya Zaidner

    Maya Started working on our clinic on march 2017, after a long time of working in the artistic world, she has a fluffy 15 year old cat named: Gipsy,

  • Noa Laibman

    Noa Laibman

    Noa, is our youngest assistent among 8 workers, she ownes a dog and three cats, she likes volunteering in shelters at her free time, before she joined o..

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