Strauss family

Dear Dr. Neri,

It has been just about two weeks since we had to put Shoko to sleep, and we wanted to write and tell you yet again how grateful we are to you for having been so compassionate with her, with the children and with all of us/ If it had not been for your excellent care, we recognize that Shoko's life would have ended much earlier, and would not have maintained the quality that it did

Despite the fact that our children are grown-ups, they have never really lost anyone close to them - they've been spared the experience of death, not having ever me three out of four gradparents, and the one they do know, is fortunately healthy and active. Shoko's death, then, was not only the death of a beloved pet, but their first real encounter with loss. Again, your sesitivity to ther situation and their felings during that trying time, your kindness to both Yael and Uri, and Shoko were really hearwarming and helpful. We just wanted you to know how much we appreciated you and your excellend care.


All the best

Sid and Jessica Strauss